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Welcome to SRUTI - Music of India

Sruti serves up a smorgasbord of Indian musical genres, from sublime Carnatic South Indian violin by Vijay Nagarajan, to transcendent North Indian classical sitar by Matt Finstrom, plus folk tunes and qawalllis. Rousing bhajans follow great Bollywood compositions done in Sruti's unique style, featuring the vocal stylings of Raj ("Deejay Raj") Radhakrishnan. The tones of the sitar meld with Don Reeve's cookin' guitar riffs for a tasty mix of "Raag 'n' Roll', with Joss Jaffe and Sharat Bhargav providing a blend of crossing rhythms on the tabla and mridangam. The band also includes Holly Finstrom on percussion and backup vocals. Recent performances included a concert at Yoga Oasis in November and a dance party at Anjali in December.